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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Oberoi Lombok Hotel

Sunday, March 22, 2009
Live life the Oberoi way with Oberoi Lombok in Lombok! The luxury resort is definitely one of the finest choices among the Hotels in Lombok in Indonesia for its brilliant facilities and amenities. The stay at the Oberoi Lombok in Lombok gives the pleasure of a perfect hideaway into the acres of land dotted with tropical gardens, gorgeous ocean and golden sands along with the fun of a private beach. The stay at the resort offers the experience of enjoying a close encounter with nature where the guests get the opportunity of getting close to the elements of lush greenery of rainforests, sparkling hue of the blue ocean and the attraction of the golden beach. A stay truly perfect!

The ambience of the resort is all about experiencing intimacy; intimacy with nature, intimacy with luxury and intimacy with life. Rediscover the lost senses at the resort with the exotic locations that fills a different enjoyment into the stay. The Location of Oberoi Lombok in Lombok is truly majestic with the brilliance of nature surrounding it. As a matter of fact the facilities and amenities of the resort are further accentuated by the location of the place.

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