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Friday, March 27, 2009

JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta

Friday, March 27, 2009
Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia, well known for its latest options of entertainments. Every year, this city is visited by many tourists coming for the purpose of recreation and leisure travel. In order to entertain the travelers, there are various types of hotels in Jakarta ready to accommodate the guests coming from other corners of the country or from the rest of the world. Among them, comes the name of one of the most sophisticated hotels known as Jw Marriott in Jakarta. In the hotels in Indonesia, it is considered to be a five star hotel which is popular among the majority of the tourists.

Jw Marriott in Jakarta is chosen by large sum of travelers because of its excellent location conveniently traversed from almost all the important tourist hubs. Together comes the attentive care that is taken by the sincere employees in charge of hosting the guests. The hotel is famous for the award winning restaurants ready to treat the guests with exclusive cuisines.

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Rumah Islami

wish i can stay here just for one night :) btw, already added your link my friend...please do the same ok :)

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