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Friday, March 27, 2009

Atlet Century Park Hotel Jakarta

Friday, March 27, 2009
Jakarta, in Indonesia, attracts people with its affectionate, and friendly citizens, and its exotic mix of everything that the country stands for. In fact, the city of Jakarta is a mini-Indonesia, a minuscule replica of the entire essence of the country, and this is what draws in numerous tourists to the city. An fascinating place to vacation in, the city of Jakarta has a large number of accommodations which include Luxury Hotels in Jakarta, Budget Hotels in Jakarta, Cheap Hotels in Jakarta, and Discount Hotels in Jakarta. One of the most preferential 3 Star Hotels in Jakarta is the Atlet Century Park Hotel in Jakarta.

The Atlet Century Park Hotel in Jakarta is positioned right in the heart of the city, and the Location of Atlet Century Park Hotel in Jakarta is absolutely ideal. The Soekarno Hatta Airport is just 25 minutes away, and this makes reaching the Atlet Century Park Hotel in Jakarta quite favorable. The Atlet Century Park Hotel in Jakarta lies in the central business district, and is also extremely close to the main shopping areas, and other entertainment options.

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wow, complete sekali informasi tentang hotel di indonesia nie.

semoga sukses yah ;)


Bagus info nya..lengkap banget...sukses selalu ya


Bagus buat travelling, Sukses selalu.


thx for visit... Salam kenal

Diary Pink

makasih ya udah berkunjung... salam kenal juga :)


nice info my friend.. nice blog too :)

Ekowisata Ujungkulon

I believe that Hotel Century Park is one of the best place to stay in Jakarta. That's why I always recommend it to all my guest who want to stay in Jakarta before or after visiting Ujungkulon National Park.

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